Throwback#6 – A PhD Journey

Throwback#6 – A PhD Journey


Hey Guys,

After five posts, we have finally arrived at the PhD. Today, I will explain what a PhD is, how I decided to do a PhD and why.

First things first, what is a PhD? A PhD stands for ‘Doctor of Philosophy‘ and is a postgraduate doctoral degree. A student must finish an original and novel thesis that significantly contributes to knowledge in a specific subject. 

Figure 1: Visualising a PhD | Source: based on ZYFCCC (2020)

Look at Figure 1 and imagine a circle which contains all of the human knowledge. By finishing a Bachelor’s degree, you are specialising in some subject, and your Master’s degree will deepen your knowledge on that same subject. Now, by doing a PhD, you are trying to push the boundaries of the existing knowledge, towards making a significant contribution and make a dent in that circle.

If you are curious a PhD typically involves:

  • Carrying out a literature review (a survey of current scholarship in your field).
  • Conducting original research and collecting your results.
  • Producing a thesis that presents your conclusions.
  • Writing up your thesis and submitting it as a dissertation.
  • Defending your thesis in an oral viva voce exam” (FindAPhD 2020).

Now, the interesting part of how and why I decided to do a PhD. So, when I was finishing the first semester of my Master, one professor suggested I investigate the possibility of doing a PhD. The suggestion was to focus on the Olympic Games for my Master’s dissertation and to continue that subject in the PhD. 

Well, to be completely honest, my first thought was: “Nop, not really”. Because I really wanted to start working and to gain experience in the events industry, more specifically working with cars. But after a few months of discussions with a lot of people, I thought: “Why not? I love to study, I love events and really loved doing my dissertation. So, why not?”. In my opinion, if I was to do a PhD anytime in my life, that was the time, because I’m still very young (22 years old) and proactive.

The reason why I applied is essentially because I love to study, and it had crossed my mind a few times the possibility of being a researcher or professor at some point. And knowing that Portugal does not have any recognised degree in Events Management, I decided that this might be a good route to get all the necessary knowledge and capabilities to develop one.

Last year I applied to do a PhD at the Centre for Business in Society, at Coventry University. I am focusing on mega-events, stakeholder management and the Olympic Games. My dissertation is titled: “Privatisation of Public Spaces and Stakeholder Management in a Mega-Events Context: A Tokyo 2020 Olympic Host Community Perspective“.

And now, I am really really happy with my decision, even though it is a little bit tough. On my next post, I’ll explain how the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games postponement influenced my PhD, and how I’m dealing with everything.

See you next time!!



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