Three Key Literature for Event Management Students

Three Key Literature for Event Management Students

  • “Events Management: An International Approach” – Friedman and Kitchin (2012)

The book focuses on global debates regarding the event’s industry, it explains some theoretical debates regarding the evolving nature of consumption and production in a growing globalised world. Essentially, it highlights many of the crucial principles related to Event Management and the current debates that the sector is facing.

When I was doing my master’s degree, this book was very useful because it provides an overview of all the main subjects. For example, it provides an overall picture of what event stakeholders are and how they should be managed. However, the book also sets out a general view regarding the subjects of event marketing, sponsorship, risk management and finance management.

  • “Event Tourism: Concepts, International Case Studies and Research” – Getz (2013)

The book focuses on event tourism, by explaining and illustrating some of its key concepts with actual case studies examples. Along with, providing an inclusive, methodical study of event tourism as a cultural, social, environmental and economic phenomenon and as a crucial characteristic of international business.

This book was very helpful as it provides concrete cases and academic researchs regarding international event tourism and management. But it provides a very good explanation and illustrations of event evaluation and impact assessment.

  • “Events Management” – Bowdin et al. (2006)

The book aims to increasingly develop an understanding regarding the events industry within its wider business context. Therefore, focuses on a UK perspective of the events industry, which provides key concepts regarding event planning and management. 

When I had to have a first approach to any topic related to event management, this book was the option, because it has a theoretical overview of the main subjects, whilst providing case studies and academic research exemplifying the subject at hand.



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Getz, D. (2013) Event Tourism: Concepts, International Case Studies, and Research. USA: Cognizant Communication Offices.

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